12" playing surface with choice of Remo Coated Ambassador or Evans Coated Genera head, chrome triple flanged rim, hammered black paint finish, and black or stainless steel tension rods. 


Upgrade options include rim choices. For upgraded paint finishes, please see the Paint Finish Upgrades pagen. Each pad is custom made to order. 


12" Standard Series - Starting At

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Tension Rods
  • The Standard Series utilizes Remo Coated Ambassador heads and a choice of 3 rim and baseplate finishes. This is an ideal all-around pad for the student, the gigging drummer/percussionist, or instructor. The 12" playing surface and 15" baseplate work well on a stand, lap, or flat, sturdy surface. The coated head is perfect for practicing brush techniques and the rim is great for cross sticking patterns. You can also add a surface mount trigger to the Standard to enhance an electronic setup. The Standard Series is a great practice tool for a variety of rehearsal techniques and playing situations.


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