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About Drumslinger Percussion

Welcome to our new website! When I first started making practice pads, as a teenager, there weren't many choices or variety available. So I wanted to make something different and better. In college, I made pads for friends, fellow marchers, and students of the typical gum rubber types that became popular at the time. But I always knew that I would develop a better design some day.

I  made some prototypes of what would become the 10" Marcher Series pads approximately twenty-five years ago, then shelved the idea to start a career and family. When my first son started marching Drum Corps, I revisited my design and decided to pursue the development of a full line of pads for a variety of practice situations.

That was six years ago. We are proud to offer an ever expanding product line that drummers and percussionists are embracing as unique and high quality, with a realistic feel that makes their practice time fun and productive. 

With the rapid growth in popularity of our products, we've had many challenges to keep up with demand and service levels that our customers deserve. This new website, along with our current plans to increase production capability, is just one step in providing our customers with a level of service that matches the high quality of our products. 

Bill Olson

Owner, Designer, and Head Shop Boy

Drumslinger Percussion

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