10" playing surface with choice of Remo Crimplok Clear Pinstripe or Evans EC2 head, choice of head color, chrome triple flanged rim, hammered black finish, and choice of black or stainless steel tension rods. This pad has a high resonate pitch with articulate sound. 


Upgrade options include rim choices. For upgraded paint finishes, please see the Paint Finish Upgrades page. Each pad is custom made to order. 

10" Marcher Series - Starting At

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Head Color
Tension Rods
  • 10" playing surface and 13" baseplate make this pad perfect for a stand, lap, or a flat, sturdy surface. It will also fit on top of a 13" or 14" drum, making it an ideal indoor sectional practice tool. The Marcher will help expose grace note, inner beat, and finger control techniques like no rubber or rubber/laminate pad can. The heavy duty rim allows you to practice shots and rim effects in a realistic way. The feel, articulation, and sturdy construction of the Marcher Series make this the ideal pad to take your marching technique to the next level.


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